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faver_valentine's Journal

The musings of a woebegone jackal.
5 October
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*Artist in limbo

Me? well... I'm a furry, blacked-backed jackal to be precise.
I'm shy, yet not... depends. On what I'm not sure but it comes and goes.
Also a bit on the sensitive side, I am quite in touch with my feelings.
I don't act serious all to often. Life is to short, silliness is something that is to often neglected. This doesn't mean I can't be mature or intelligent, far from it... I just choose not to be unless I have to.

So yea... tis meh :3

Decode my furcode:
FCJ3as A+ C+ D+++ H++ M P++++ R+ T+++ W- Z Sm++ RLA a cn+ d++ e f++++ h* iwf++ j+ p++ sm+